FMS Empty Folder Remover

FMS Empty Folder Remover 2.0

FMS Empty Folder Remover removes empty folders from your disk

Empty Folder Remover is a program that will find empty folders in your hard disk, and will offer you to delete them.
Very often, when you uninstall a program, it leaves behind empty folders, mainly in "Program Files" and "My Documents" folders. Your system will not require these folders, since they were used by programs that are not installed anymore. So, these empty folders, though they are not wasting too much disk space (since they are empty), undoubtedly, make your folder listing very long and confusing.

This tiny free program can search any unit, or folder in your disk for folders that only have a name, but no content. After finding this information, the program will show you a list of the found entries. You can then select which folders you want to erase, and which ones you want to keep by checking or unchecking each folder. Once you have decided what to do, by pressing the "Delete Checked From Disk" button, the program will complete its job.

If you are not sure that you can safely delete an empty folder, it is better not to check it. Some programs may need those folders in the future and will not be able to restore them. Though in most cases you can delete these folders safely.

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